Flexible solutions for heavy and complicated projects

About Kraftdragarna

Kraftdragarna AB is owned by Svenska kraftnät (50%) and Vattenfall AB (50%). On behalf of the owners, Kraftdragarna AB is responsible for service and emergency special transports, which are an important part of a well-functioning electricity supply. Heavy lifting and transport by road, rail and water are our specialties. We have a strong organization and large resources to plan and carry out all types of assignments. Kraftdragarna AB is an established company with management and key people who have solid and many years of experience in handling heavy goods.

Our strength lies in our ability to create unique custom made idea and system solutions on demand from our customers. We often carry out complete assignments with from “door-to-door” planning, transportation on land and sea, as well as montage and installation of heavy goods. We are working with contracting and consulting and have our own construction resources as well as our own mechanical workshop for the creation of steel constructions.

Kraftdragarna AB is a contractor that performs installations and montages to the industries within nuclear power, offshore, petroleum chemistry and building and construction. We carry out both larger and smaller assignments within all sorts of industries that need help with heavy lifting, heavy transportation or montage of heavy goods.

We also develop our own systems for heavy lifting and equipment for material handling.


Kraftdragarna AB is constantly developing existing transport and lifting systems for adaptation to the market's requirements for flexible solutions and increasingly complex and heavier project assignments.

Furthermore, completely new system solutions for lifting and transport are being developed as a function of continuous contacts with consultants and customers.

The technology development for heavy goods handling is connected with an ambition on the part of customers to integrate and coordinate more functions and technologies into larger and heavier goods units that are to be transported and installed with minimal production disruptions.

In order to achieve the best possible solutions, Kraftdragarna strives to be consulted at as early a stage in the project phase as possible in order to be able to provide technical and cost views on the project. Taking into account our many years of experience in heavy goods handling, this provides the opportunity for more efficient solutions and time savings that directly affect the production cost.

Management system

We follow the quality management system ISO 9001: 2015. As a certified company according to the requirements standard ISO 9001: 2015, we work actively with the four basic process groups to constantly improve. By focusing on having concretely designed production processes as well as processes for management responsibility, resource management and measurement, we can develop and become better under controlled forms.

We follow the environmental management system ISO 14001: 2015, which is an important part of the environmental responsibility thinking that a modern company should have. As a certified company according to the requirements standard ISO 14001: 2015, we do our best to contribute to a better environment. The transport industry is an industry that is not associated with environmental friendliness, as increased activity generates increased emissions. Although this paradox is partly true, there is much we can do to steer the work towards sustainable environmental thinking.

We follow the work environment management system ISO 45001: 2018. As a certified company according to the requirements standard ISO 45001: 2018, we guarantee that the organization's management deals with work environment issues and has as a constant goal to work to actively improve the work environment.