Solutions for heavy lifting and specialtransports

Kraftdragarna AB

On behalf of the owners, Kraftdragarna AB is responsible for service and emergency special transports, which are an important part of a well-functioning electricity supply. Heavy lifting and transport by road, rail and water are our specialties.

We have a strong organization and large resources to plan and carry out all types of assignments. Kraftdragarna AB is an established company with management and key people who have solid and many years of experience in handling heavy goods. Kraftdragarna AB is owned by Svenska kraftnät (50%) and Vattenfall AB (50%).


Statortransport av Kraftdagarna i Köping

Heavy transports & lifting

The majority of our work is in heavy transports. We offer transport solutions for freight weights of up to 1000 tonnes. We also perform a variety of heavy lifts. Our wire hoist allows us to perform tall and heavy lifts.

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