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Kraftdragarna AB is continuously developing the existing transportation and lifting systems in order to adjust to the market demand for flexible solutions and more complicated and heavier project assignments.


Further, complete new system solutions are being developed for the lifting and transportation areas as a result of the ongoing contacts with consultants and assigners.


The technical development regarding the handling of heavy goods is connected with the assigner's ambition to integrate and coordinate multiple functions and techniques in to larger and heavier entities of goods which are to be transported and installed with minimal interruptions in the production.


In order to accomplish the best solutions possible, Kraftdragarna AB aims at being contacted as early as possible in the project in order to make both technical and costing based suggestions regarding the project phase. Our solid experience of handling heavy goods gives us the possibility to come up with efficient solutions and time savings directly affecting the production costs.


2015-05-08 Transport, Ludvika

Video showing "Big-T"


2016-10-06 Updated gallery

Transport, Lindome

2019-10-17 Transport, Ludvika

Transport, Ludvika's finest


2013-09-10 Updated gallery

Video, Horndal - Hedesunda


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